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How do you clean the oven?
We begin by stripping the oven of all interior parts like racks, fan cover and anything else removable. We then soak these parts in eco-friendly, bio degradable solution. Whilst the parts are soaking we clean the interior of the oven, removing any grease and burnt on carbon deposits. Once the parts and interior are both clean we polish everything up and put it back together. Where possible we will remove the oven door and take it apart to clean in-between the door panels.

How long does it take to clean an oven?
The length of time it takes to clean an oven is mainly dependent on the size of the oven. The standard time for a single oven is about an hour and a half, larger ovens will take longer.

Are there any harmful fumes whilst cleaning?
There are no harmful fumes. All our products are 100% environmentally friendly and completely safe to use in your home.

Is my oven safe to use straight away?
Yes it is. All cleaning residue is removed from the oven upon cleaning. Once the oven has been dried and polished up it is completely safe to use immediately.

Are your quote prices fixed or are they based on time?
Our prices are fixed for each item you require cleaning regardless of the length of time that it takes to clean. You will not be charged any extra if we are there longer than expected.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque and BACS transfer. We cannot currently accept credit/debit card payments.

Are you fully insured?
Oven Recover holds full public liability insurance. We are insured for any appliance that we are cleaning along with anything else on the premises.

Do you fix ovens?
Oven Recover can replace bulbs, seals and elements. However we are unable to carry elements. If your oven requires a new element we can order them and then fit.